Azim Ibrohim, Deputy PM: “Safed-Dara – one of examples of the unique zones of Tajikistan”

April 28, 2017 16:57

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Azim Ibrohim

DUSHANBE, 28.04.2017. /NIAT “Khovar”/. A working meeting on skilled training in unique areas of the country for the construction of high-rise buildings, service facilities and creation of infrastructure that meet international standards was held previously in the Main Department of Geology. The meeting took place under the leadership of the Deputy Prime Minister of the country Azim Ibrohim and was attended by specialists of various agencies.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that the unique areas of Tajikistan are considered as a visiting card of our country for tourists and foreign guests. In this regard, research and topographic, as well as engineering and geological work should be carried out so that as to provide a guarantee of durability of constructed facilities for centuries.

The natural disasters are usually difficult to predict, and sometimes it is impossible to prevent them, however, a qualified for engineering and geological works, the precise determination of the composition of the rocks, the correct assessment of groundwater balance, other industry expertise can significantly extend the lifecycle of the constructed buildings and structures.

Azim Ibrohim noted that Safed-Dara is one of the unique zones of the country, in which provides for the proper organization of infrastructure, service, decent international standard. Certainly, this unique area is recognized as a visiting card of Tajikistan for domestic and foreign tourists, it has excellent prospects for further development.

The Deputy Prime Minister confirmed the relative complexity of engineering-geological conditions of the area. The underground water of this area lies at a small depth, and there is a possibility of a landslide, which requires a complex of additional engineering and geological works. Therefore, such rare zones of the country should be fully and accurately studied by the relevant agencies and experts, and exact offers on their long-term operation are submitted.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the country gave specific instructions to relevant agencies to ensure the quality of engineering works, control of the construction process of facilities in unique areas of the country.

April 28, 2017 16:57

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